About Pereko Company

We have been producing solid fuel boilers since 2002 and have over 150,000 happy customers.  Our priority is to constantly improve our products to meet our customers' expectations, needs and requirements.  In addition to fuel economy and functionality of boilers, increasingly important is ease of maintenance, keeping stable temperature in the building and reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

At the design stage we pay special attention to the high functionality, reliability and low cost of maintaining our machines.

Using solid terrain- background, production and technical facilities we are able to produce modern designs that can help reduce fuel consumption vastly compared to traditional solutions.

We utilize our team of specialised Technical Solutions Exectutives in our own laboratory in the Patent Office. Additionally we cooperate with various Universities throughout Europe to research the strength of materials used for the construction of our boilers.  This allows us to maintain theirhigh quality. Due to  our range of equipped boilers having intelligent control systems and thorough regular testing they have gained high efficiency and work longer without fuel supplementation.

Pereko will meet the needs of every user who requires a heating unit fuelled by solid fuel.  Major advantage are the keen price and functionality. We manufacture and supply a wide range of products that includes standard boilers with proven construction as well as innovative designs.



Produced the basic line of boilers – KWS series with a capacity of 5 to 30 kW.


Implement production of automatic boilers KSR series with a capacity of 17 to 75 kW.


Start production of a new series of boilers KSX with a capacity of 13 to 26 kW.

Introduce sheet from steel to work at elevated temperatures P265GH as the base material for the manufacture of boilers.


Extend the portfolio with new models of boilers: KSW 40 kW, 14 kW KSR.

Implement to production boiler KSD 22/28 kW.

Improve the functionality of the yellow boilers.


Company introduce prototype of industrial boiler KSR 150 kW.

Further widening range of boilers: KSW 20 kW KSW KSW 35 kW and 50 kW.

Establish cooperation with the department of Process Engineering,

Materials and Applied Physics University of Czestochowa

- Joint research metallographic and strength materials used for boilers PEREKO.

Introduce of GS1 coding system for PEREKO products’ EAN-13.


Create a prototype of an industrial boiler KSW 100 kW.

Create energy-emission-laboratory

Expand cooperation with the Institute of Thermal Machinery and with the Department of Boilers and Thermodynamics Czestochowa University of Technology

We obtain a patent with the Patent Office claiming the new model of the solid fuel burner PSQ


Extend the offer with the range of boilers KSP DUO (capacity of 15 and 27 kW).


Launch production KSW Prima boiler with a deep combustion chamber and the NPW air-water-heater (Space heater and Boiler in One)